Unicorn Set (Bag Schwag)
Unicorn Set (Bag Schwag)
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Unicorn Set (Bag Schwag)

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Unicorn Set includes 6 Pins! BAG IS NOT INCLUDED!

Tote Pictured: Lexi Tote

What is Bag Schwag? Button Pins meant to attach to your totes. The pins are for ADULT USE ONLY, and will pin through the material, creating a PURSE-onalized touch! The pins are light weight and small and meant to puncture a small amount of fabric. You can pin through fabric but these pins are not meant to puncture thick material!

Will this put a hole in my Tote? YES. This is a button pin and this is how it securely attaches. It is advised to use your schwag on Totes that you will continue to pin.

What Totes work best? Ideally any Tote! However, these are currently our favs! Boho Chic, Miss Merica, and the Lexi Tote

Common Sense Clause: These are pins! These are not a toy or meant for children to pin on their own. Adult supervision is advised and encouraged to properly attach the pin.

Design Work By: Oreganno

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